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A year ago, I posted about the first amazing Steampunk/Star Wars mash-up, Trial of the Mask. Now, sit back and enjoy the sequel!

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Long John Silver studies

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Pirates, Freebooters, and Privateers … oh my!

Monster in the City

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Victorian-era Hand Jewellery —

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In the Victorian era, jewellery was worn not just for ornamentation, it was often worn because it meant something to both the wearer and/or the people who saw her wearing the piece. Hands were a popular symbol. They could be clasped in love or friendship, or clasping items with their own symbology. The ring […]

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Cosplay Steampunk — Steampunk Patronen

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Cosplay steampunk patroon van Lori Ann Costume Designs voor Simplicity. Het patroon bestaat uit een jas, bloes, ceintuur, rok, onderrok en bustle. Ook te maken in piratenlook. Maten 32-34-36-38-40 en 40-42-44-46-48. Aanbevolen stoffen Btoadcloth, brokaat, katoenen stoffen, crêpe, zwarte satijn, dupioni, shantoeng, linnen stoffen, satijn, microsuede, fluweel, wollen stoffen; AB onderrok: ook organza; AB bustle: […]

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Victorian Flying Machines.

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Victorian flying machines and steampunk culture

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Another visit to some of my work from my second year of university. This illustration was inspired by Victorian flying machines and steampunk culture.

Source: Victorian Flying Machines.

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A Discarded Pistol — Len Berry

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Steampunk is a subgenre I fell into. I started writing in it because I saw an opportunity and decided to challenge myself. I ended up with two published short stories because of it. I was invited to submit a third.

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Steampunk Journal Editor Matt Grayson is extremely pleased to announce that his Indiegogo campaign has gone live and is available for people to view and pledge. The culmination of months of research, networking and preparation have come to a head and now he needs the help of the steampunk community. If you don’t know the […]

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