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Cogpunk Steamscribe

Steampunk is a subgenre I fell into. I started writing in it because I saw an opportunity and decided to challenge myself. I ended up with two published short stories because of it. I was invited to submit a third.

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Steampunk Journal Editor Matt Grayson is extremely pleased to announce that his Indiegogo campaign has gone live and is available for people to view and pledge. The culmination of months of research, networking and preparation have come to a head and now he needs the help of the steampunk community. If you don’t know the […]

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Has it become art ? — Atelier Cécile

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Remember that 2 posts back I showed you a failed background and the gears and cogs I would like to gather together and I did wonder if it could become art ? Well, this has come out of it: First I painted the background teal, but I used a lot of gelmedium in it, so […]

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Has Steampunk Steam-Peaked???

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For Whom the Gear Turns

Hiya Gearheads

As I comb the innumerable Steampunk websites that have closed down in order to find those few genuinely active people for my resources page, it is making me pretty depressed. It feels like half the sites I go to  are either sitting idle without new material for a year or two, or have their closing announcement right there on the front page. What’s even worse are the trolls who think it’s fun to post nasty comments about how “Steampunk is dead” on those announcements.

How is Steampunk’s Pulse Rate These Days?

As I look through my own website stats, I am sorry to report that Year 3 will probably fall short of Year 2’s readership. My normal summer lull is even lull-ier than in previous years even though my peaks in the winter and spring were at an all-time high. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this has more to do with…

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Featured Image: Time Travellers and Extraordinaires – An exhibition and book by Samuel Metcalfe. Image by Fair Visions Photography One of the first questions Steampunks often get asked, is “What is Steampunk?”. And I completely understand why; to the casual observer, the whole idea of Steampunk can seem really rather odd. But once the bafflement […]

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Model, make-up, style: Katarzyna ‘Daedra’
Photographer: Joanna Mucha photography


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There will be two Extra Life events held in DuBois, PA at the DuBois Public Library. One on 10/29/16 and the second on 11/5/16 both beginning at 10:00 pm and lasting until 3:00 pm. We are going to be playing Dungeons & Dragons as the featured game for the event. Anyone is invited to attend whether you want to learn to play or not! Extra Life is about playing games, having fun, and raising donations to help the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital.

10/29/16 Event Page

11/5/16 Event Page

DONATION PAGE: https://goo.gl/boCB0v

Extra Life is a fundraising event, the proceeds of which go to branches of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. 100% of all donations go directly to the hospitals. Extra Life was formed in 2008 to honor Victoria Enmon, who was suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.


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I started writing a new book at the end of September, and the first part takes place in the Old West. I got a chance to beef up on California history last year when I lived near Sacramento, so my heroine is an ex con woman who is forced out of retirement when her last […]

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