New Robot Variants for White Stars and Strange Stars

Posted: May 10, 2015 by Big Rich in Reblogged

Wrathofzombie's Blog

Here are some new robot variants for the awesome White Stars.

Infosophont: Infosophonts are AI beings that exist free of a permanent body.  Their “bodies” are data storage boxes that are protected (and often times hidden) by security measures, firewalls, and even automated weaponry.  Infosophonts have the ability to put their consciousness into various chassis (being the other robot types listed below and in White Star pg 27).  The infosophont must have purchased a new chassis (or hacked into one that has not been programmed with its own personality and abilities).  The infosophont gains all the abilities of that chassis and can stay in that body indefinitely.  A chassis costs 1,000 credits.  An infosophont has two versions of hit points.  They have the hit points of their level and hard points, which is how much damage their AI data storage box can take.  When a chassis is destroyed the…

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