Captain Sable’s Logbook: Twelfth-Month, 2014 SD

Posted: December 3, 2014 by Big Rich in Reblogged

Although I love Spelljammer, I have always preffered using Spelljammer mixed with Planescape.

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

Ahoy there, me hearties!  The stormy winter is limiting travel in the sphere; but fortunately, we have a lot to keep us busy as we wait for spring.

This Month’s Theme: Worlds of Spelljammer

Share your starcharts!  Your maps!  Your ideas!  A spelljammer needs places to sail to.  If you want to give us yours, see our Submission Guidelines.

Jennell Jacquays

We are delighted to announce that Jennell Jacquays, iconic Spelljammer artist, has begun releasing digital reworkings of her art on her Facebook page, and has given us permission to share them!

Toy Soldier Saga

The Toy Soldier Saga is back online!  With NaNoWriMo behind me for 2014, I am back at work on Brothers in Arms. I’ll be adding things gradually to the new website over the course of the month as well.  There’s been a few updates at my blog; check it out!

Silverblade the Enchanter

Silverblade’s character profiles continue; along…

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  1. Sable Aradia says:

    Hey that’s fair! The two settings have a lot in common and mix well, especially since they both have elements of steampunk. We call that “Planejammer” in the Spelljammer community and it’s considered “legit” in the fan community. 🙂


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