Posted: June 26, 2014 by Big Rich in Reblogged

Remedy Arms

This is the sister blaster to Beast. I started with an identical Nerf Maverick, but went in a completely different direction.


With Beast, I was going for gritty, beat up, and well used. With Beauty, my goal was to create a blaster that was simple, but elegant.


Two characteristics of this blaster stand out when compared to my other work. The first is its pristine appearance. This is the cleanest, shiniest blaster I have ever painted.


Second, this is the first blaster that I have ever attempted to engrave. I’m pretty happy with the results.


The detailing was done with a gold paint pen. The lack of weathering does detract from the realism of this prop, but it sure is pretty.


Here is the miss-matched pair together. Come see them in person at WyvaCon.

Next week, I’ll be sharing a Borderlands inspired Nerf Recon, as well as some WyvaCon related…

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