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The Steampunk World of MA Scott

Welcome to the alternate history blog for MA Scott. Beginning in September 2013 we will explore the events that changed history forever. Discover how a freak accident during a noble scientific experiment, a chance occurrence in war, and random events that go somewhat differently from our own time line profoundly alter what happens thereafter.

We will chart not only the course of empires but the lives of the individuals who populate them. Some of those people will be well known. Others will be lured out from the dusty corners of history. Still others will be unknown – at least in the beginning.

Please join us as we tread down a road that leads to an exciting Steampunk world filled with wonder, invention, danger, and more.

In addition to the history of our Steampunk world, we will introduce you to some of the obscure figures and lost marvels that actually existed…

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