Posted: August 3, 2013 by Big Rich in Awesome Artwork


By Richard Miller
Dedicated to the memory of Gary Gygax

In search of adventure from days of old
And weapons and scrolls and silver and gold,
There is a place most young boys know
With towering castles and mighty foes.
And caverns of doom where dragons dwell
With treasures hidden and guarded well,
And snares and traps and helldogs too,
Preying on those both tried and true.
The elves with cunning, clerics wise,
The halflings use both ears and eyes,
To peer beyond a secret door
Or loot dead bodies on the floor.
Testing potions without a doubt,
Many a hobbit’s life gave out;
Fleeing a dragon undefied,
Many a poor old halfling fried.
While others fought and won new skills,
Waving wands and casting spells,
With swords plus one and shields plus two,
They learned to last a venture through!


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