Top 10 ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes – Fourth Doctor Edition

Posted: May 26, 2013 by Big Rich in Reblogged


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Now we’ve reached the end of the Fourth Doctor’s adventures it is time to look back and pinpoint those stores that stand out as the best. For some of our previous Top 10’s and reviews check out the Doctor Who Archive above.

#10 – Shada


Although this episode famously remained unfinished it still contains more than enough quality television to squeeze into the list. Written by Douglas Adams and unfinished due to industrial action it featured a genuinely disconcerting villain who was hell bent on unleashing the enemies trapped inside a prison so secret the memory of it has been wiped from the minds of the Time Lords. The Doctor and Romana encounter the evil Skagra while visiting and a retired Time Lord in Cambridge, where he has an immensely imaginative TARDIS that only Adams could’ve dreamed up.

#9 – Warrior’s Gate

Warriors Gate

After spending two serials trying to escape from…

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