Costume Sunday: Steampunk

Posted: February 17, 2013 by Big Rich in Reblogged, Steampunk


Wyrd Cynthia: The Crafty Geek

Like many people these days, I enjoy the Steampunk aesthetic. A couple of Dragon*Cons ago, I decided to put together a costume for a steampunk monster hunter. There were all sorts of details of this costume. I bought the vest from a leather worker at a convention I was working at. It inspired the rest of the costume. Since the character in my head was very active, I chose split riding skirts instead of the bustle skirts you see in many steampunk costumes.

I made a wrist sensor doodad that did not hold up nearly as well as I hoped. I also painted my goggles and did a Nerf gun repaint. Then there were all sorts of fun little additional bits and pieces I picked up. I took a belt and painted it with various “mystical” symbols. I added various wooden knives made by a friend for part of her monster…

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