DC – Detective Comics

Posted: November 23, 2012 by Big Rich in Reblogged

What Inspires Me?

Talon Print

“The Batman can’t die. He feeds on evil like yours.”

Founded in 1934 by Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson as National Allied Publications, later to become known as the great “Detective Comics”, or abbreviated to DC, a name any fan of comics or films will recognise instantly  But it wasn’t always such a household name, a name that we could relate to for such amazing illustration, storytelling and in my own views, villains. Villains being something close to my heart regarding character persona, rational and history, I will be touching upon these later in the post. However, being a fan of comics across both Marvel and DC, I’ve had the question which are you? obviously are you Marvel or DC? which I have to admit, I am both. Both comic worlds have their differences, and reasons for liking. DC for me, is some what more believable with the likes of the Batman and Watchmen franchise. Yes there are characters within the two that have powers…

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