TusCon 39 Report

Posted: November 17, 2012 by Big Rich in Reblogged

Reblogged — TusCon 39.

David Lee Summers' Web Journal

Last weekend, I was fan guest of honor at TusCon 39 in Tucson, Arizona. Here I am in a photo taken by my friend Daniel Arthur, wearing my steampunk gear and showing off the fan I picked up for the occasion. I figured if one is to be fan guest of honor, one should have an appropriate fan!

The weekend was a real whirlwind. For me, the convention started out by setting up the Hadrosaur Productions dealer’s table. We’ve published enough books and picked up enough books for resale that we really need to get two dealer’s tables. Of course, even if we’re not at a convention, you can still shop our merchandise at http://www.hadrosaur.com

Once everything was set up, we then moved into opening ceremonies where toastmaster Ed Bryant introduced both the Literary Guest of Honor—S.M. Stirling—and me. Ed made a special point of noting S.M. Stirling’s love of…

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