A fresh start

Posted: November 4, 2012 by Big Rich in Reblogged

Like Steampunk and Miniature Games? Check this game out. (reblogged)


I was going to title this post ‘(Word)Press-ing on with blogging’, but thankfully I realised that a terrible pun wasn’t the best way to start my time on WordPress…

I’ve finally made the move from blogger to WordPress – if you want to see any of my older posts, they’re all here: http://forgotmytea.blogspot.com This will be pretty similar to before – a mix of models, painting, battle reports and promises of regular updates that don’t always turn out that regular. This ‘real life’ keeps getting in the way of my gaming!

I’ll start off with a review for a change, as to be honest (and I always try to be honest when blogging) it’s too late and dark to photograph anything. I’ll be reviewing the book Malifaux 1.5, the latest book for my favourite tabletop wargame, Malifaux.

1.5 gathers together the best of the original rulebook with the mini rulebook…

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