Wing & A Prayer Steampunk Style

Posted: August 4, 2012 by Big Rich in Reblogged


Strega Jewellry's Blog

A while back, I did a blog about a jewelry piece I was working on that I called a Wing and a Prayer.  I loved the piece when it was finished and wanted to do one with a steampunk theme.

I took the same bird picture, added some steampunk gears and parts and put them in a heart shaped bezel. I put an aviator helmet on the bird and gave him a metal beak made from a watch part.

Loved the bird, with his metal beak and aviator helmet.   This has to have an aviator’s prayer in the channel bead.  I figured that before I made the actual piece, I should write the prayer.  That would give me a better idea of how the beads should go into the piece.

Our Lady of Gears

Bless the parts of this machine

Bless the hands that fix these parts

and the hands…

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  1. Sure enjoyed visiting your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and reblogging me. I’ll be back!


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