Steampunk Fashion: We Love Fine Steampunk Tees

Posted: July 27, 2012 by Big Rich in Reblogged

If only these came in BIG RICH sizes.


Today is my first fashion blog and we’ll start with a simple piece of fashion, the t-shirt. There is so much great steampunk art out there, so why not wear it on your chest? We Love Fine Tees has a really fantastic selection of steampunk shirts available and they seem to be adding more all of the time. A lot of the designs are from the incredibly talented Brian Kesinger and they have several of his Tea Girls available and also a couple of steampunk Transformers! They also have a lot of pop culture designs featuring things like steampunk R2D2/C2PO, Hello Kitty and even My Little Ponies. Unfortunately, they do not have fitted ladies tees available yet, but their tees are very soft and fit nicely. Until they start carrying them, you can pair them with a skirt and a sweater and it’ll be adorable for the ladies. I’ve posted a few of…

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