Friday: Steampunk World: Global Warming and Science

Posted: June 23, 2012 by Big Rich in Reblogged, Steampunk


Confessions of An Awesome Parent

There’s little I dislike talking about more than politically touchy subjects. But given the rolling heat waves causing all kinds of crazy storms–and it’s only barely summer, yet–it seemed appropriate. Also, I came across some amazing articles talking about Global Warming Science in the ages of Queen Victoria, the Dawn of Flight, the Age of Napoleon, and Claude Pouillet.

I will sum up their contents. Basically, Science determined in the mid-1800s that CO2 and other engine-related pollutants were changing the moisture level in the air, which in turn changed the amount of sun the atmosphere absorbed and distributed. In a nutshell, greenhouse gasses cause hotter temperatures. Ironically, as many of you have probably heard, motor vehicles solved the pollution problem of horse manure. At least temporarily.Now, if Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had heard about this problem, you can bet they’d have solved it already.


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