Yep, It Had Me ‘Steamed’ All Right.

Posted: May 30, 2012 by Big Rich in Steampunk

I read this one too. It wasn’t my favorite.

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When I first started reading Katie MacAlister, I didn’t know if I would like her.  It took her a couple books to get her feet under herself and I really started to like most of her books.  But this one was awful. 

It starts with a very Twainish male lead, Jack, in a world that doesn’t seem to be our world and yet is not a steampunk world.   A scientist and Quaker (which is also not believable in the characterization) who seems to land in outragious adventures everytime he tries to go on vaction.  Think Huck Finn crossed with McGuiver or something similar.

Then an accident happens in his lab that throws him into another world.  An accident that isn’t at all believable.  Nanotech and Helium?  An accident with an experiment that would have been in a ‘clean’ room rather than a room where his sister could just wander in…

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