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When asked a question, didn’t all mothers use to say, “Look it up!” It was either their way of getting us to use the dictionary and encyclopedia, or avoiding an incorrect answer. I have a challenge for “shirlandyou” readers, look up steampunk and tell me what you find. What makes it a challenge? If you don’t have a newer edition of Webster’s you won’t find it. It’s not in mine, Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, and in fact, my computer keeps underlining the word in red.

Steampunk was new to my husband and I, until we were invited to bring “Shirl

Belle,” our band organ,  to The Watch City Festival, in Waltham, Massachusetts. When the Waltham factory began production of pocket watches, they sold for $12 to $16, a lot of money in that day and age. But today, tucked in my husband’s vest was a Waltham pocket watch complete…

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