The Cover Up: D&D Player’s Handbook Part 1

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No Rerolls

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Hello and welcome to The Cover Up! In this column I will be taking a look at probably the first thing you see picking up a new board game or RPG; The Cover. It has to grab the attention, as well as showing what the game inside entails. This is no easy task; as such things can make or break a purchase, and as such gain or lose a lifelong fan. So let’s get stuck in, and judge a book by its cover!

Today is the first outing of this, so I’ve decided to take a look at a giant in the RPG world, Dungeons and Dragons. This legendary series has been in print for over 40 years, with hundreds of products published. The series started off in simple, all-inclusive box sets (which we may look at someday), then split into Basic and Advanced versions. Basic remained in box sets…

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Being a book reviewer is a strange way to choose which books to read. I rarely go to the bookstore anymore because people offer to send me copies of their books, so things like the look of the cover don’t mean as much to me now as they once did. I end up with a very […]

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Poesy plus Polemics

eye “Watercolor Eye” by rahmschnitzel

the clocks in the eyes

give off silent alarms

overwhelmed by

unwelcome abundance

of aqueous humor

trabecula turned to

embezzling time

an insidious draining

of ocular life through a

terrible tunnel without

any light at its end

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A novelty bustle made to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee celebrations was fitted with a musical box that played ‘God Save the Queen’ each time the wearer sat down. Nov… Source: It’s all bout the Bass: a Steampunk Feminist Perspective of the Novelty Bustle

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It’s official, summer is ending. I was out for a walk with my little canine buddy, Gadget, and we saw a yellow leaf drift from a tree and glide oh-so-poetically to the street. Perhaps the Kickstarter community is preparing for hibernation (or more likely, the first days of school) so there are only two projects to […]

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On Friday, I went to the Brisbane City’s Vintage Market … called ‘Revive’. The idea was to recycle, up-cycle and/or reuse vintage clothing. Now, this isn’t very different to what Steampunk cosplayers do. I have up-cycled clothing to expand my cosplay wardrobe as a Steampunk Enthusiast. I have now discovered the Slow Clothing Movement, which […]

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Butterfly Braid

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Angel Wings Half Updo Hair Tutorial

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